The building of your new home is a complex process and Havenhill Homes partners with top level professionals to construct the highest quality homes.   Havenhill employees work extremely hard to oversee the subcontractor’s work and put all the finishing touches together that turn the structure into your dream home.   Below is a summary of the major components of the construction process:

STEP ONE - Foundation

  • Once the permit has been obtained from the applicable municipal authority, the site is staked out and the foundation is excavated.   The footings and foundation will then be poured and set.   The plumbers will complete under floor plumbing and the foundation is damp-proofed.   The foundation is then back-filled and the basement and garage floors are poured.   
  • As with every step in the construction process of your home, a Havenhill employee and a city inspector will inspect your home to ensure quality construction.

STEP TWO – Frame

  • Once the foundation and floors are complete, the framers are ready to build the skeletal system of your new home.  
  • The windows and doors will then be installed.  All mechanical rough-ins will be completed during this stage.

STEP THREE - Interior Finish

  • Once your new home has passed the inspections following the framing stage, it is time to start the interior.   This includes insulation and going through the drywall process, which includes hanging the drywall, taping, sanding the seams, corners and walls.  Drywalls are then ready to be primed.  After priming, the hard surfaces such as hardwood and ceramic are installed. 
  • Next is the finish carpentry, which includes installing doors, trim, moldings and shelves.  Interior paint follows the finish carpentry.  Soon thereafter, the cabinets and countertops will be installed.   Carpet and the final coat on the wood floors, if applicable, will complete the home.

STEP THREE B - Exterior Finish

While the interior of your new home is undergoing a transformation from frame to finish, the exterior of your new home is being finished too.  This process includes felting and shingling the roof, application of all siding, stucco and masonry work, final grading of your new home site, and installation of landscaping and fencing (if applicable).